"Dakota is an amazing doula! Her presence during my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter was a tremendous help. Dakota was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to labor, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum. She was very professional and nurturing through the entire process. Throughout our transfer from the birth center to the hospital, she was invaluable to both me and my husband. During the most hectic times she was calm, grounding and the consistent support we needed. Dakota was quick to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. She was by my side the entire time, gave me positive energy and reassurance to succeed in my desire for an unmedicated birth. Her passion for her profession helped me not only deliver a happy healthy baby, but helped facilitate an empowering and sacred birth experience for me as a new mama." ~Alycia

"Dakota is a woman of powerful intuitions and an enormous heart. Her ability to hold space for mothers, partners, and babies is invaluable prenatally, at birth, and in the postpartum time. Her sharp mind, gentle sense of humor, and humble presence brought grace and lightness to our midwifery practice, even in the most trying of times. As a midwife, I can say that the families who walk through the profound process of birth with Dakota have been given an incredible blessing!" ~Karen Lencke, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), LM (Licensed Midwife)

"Dakota is the best! If you're considering hiring a doula, definitely check out her incredible offerings at Matrescence Doula Services. She is a ceremonialist and wise, wise young woman carrying so much deep medicine... She held my sealing ceremony in the most profound and sacred way...wow! If you're pregnant, you should just check her out! I have known her since she was a teenager and she has been diligently studying her craft since then! She is a true gift to our community!" ~Tal Liza

"Dakota is nothing short of incredible. The way she is able to facilitate ceremony and hold sacred space is truly profound. She hosted a Wedding Ceremony for me and some of my closest friends as part of my bachelorette "party" weekend and it was one of the most important things I did to prepare me for that transition in my life. Being surrounded by Dakota and my friends, I felt so nourished, so seen, so held, so loved, so ready to step into my new role as partner and wife. Dakota was also so kind and gentle with my friends who were new to and unfamiliar with this sort of ceremonial/ritual space, helping them to feel comfortable and to be able to participate in their own unique way. I could not have imagined a more wonderful way to spend my time that weekend. Thank you, Dakota, from the bottom of my heart!!" ~Amanda

"Dakota went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable with the whole placenta encapsulating process. Her compassion and knowledge come through as she explains everything step-by-step. She came highly recommended and we second it -- we had a meaningful, easy experience with her and would recommend her to any of our friends!" ~Kelsey

"Dakota is such a beautiful spirit and a great doula and birth keeper!!"
~Madison Cheshire, CPM, LM

"Dakota and Danielle are two amazingly talented doulas. They will hold space in the loveliest of ways no matter your birth plan. I had a magical and peaceful experience laboring my baby with them. I would highly highly suggest both Dakota and Danielle if you are looking for support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period." ~Alyssa

"Dakota and Danielle helped us realize the birth of our dreams, and they will definitely be at our next birth without question. We encountered a stressful situation at 41 weeks of pregnancy, and Dakota offered choices that were helpful and empowering. They are passionate birth goddesses with massive hearts. They showed up for us in every way we needed and more. They held a very loving and safe space for us. We felt truly held during this monumental event. It was magical. They are family now and forever." ~Michelle

"Wonderful, intimate yoni steam. I wish for everyone to have a chance to experience it. Dakota is radiant and [her mother] Shari is wise and guided. I am so happy I was able to work in such a loving, intentional way with them both! Thank you!" ~Liz

"Gratitude to Dakota Hindman for preparing an exquisite blend of herbs & holding sacred space during my nourishing and potent yoni (vagina) steam yesterday! An offering of the heart to all wombyn. Thank you for your care and intention, Dakota. So much love and appreciation for this soul-calling and divine service. If you are desiring to be held in sweet purification of your womb...I highly recommend this beautiful goddess! Also deep bows to The Mother's Center for creating a beautiful sanctuary in the mountains!" ~Adara

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