Packages & Services

Birth Journey

  • Two prenatal visits

  • Phone and email support

  • 24/7 on-call time for your due range

  • Unlimited labor and birth support

  • 2-3 hours immediate postpartum integration

  • Two postpartum visits in your home

Ceremonial Passage

  • Includes Birth Journey Package PLUS:

  • Three Ceremonial/Family Care Offerings (listed below)

Matrescence Embodied

  • Includes Ceremonial Passage Package PLUS:

  • Three 3-hour postpartum care shifts to be scheduled within six weeks of birth

  • Inner Wellness Care Basket for the home and family (a beautiful, nourishing collection of items and services to support your postpartum transition)

Ceremony and Family Care

I am passionate about offering a variety of ceremonial facilitation and family care services for new families. I like to meet each individual family's needs by collaborating with them about what feels the most nourishing. Some of the things I offer include: Mother & Baby Honoring Ceremonies, Belly Casting, Traditional Sealing Ceremony, Belly Binding, Birth Story Witnessing, Yoni Steaming and Meal Train Organization. Ceremonial and Family Care services are available to anyone, even if you do not choose a birthing package with me. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in this option.

Placenta Medicine

Many cultures around the world, as well as many mammals, consume their placenta after birth. Whether consuming it in your food, a smoothie or in capsules, returning the placenta to the postpartum body has many healing benefits.
I offer a placenta package, which includes placenta encapsulation, placenta tinctures, frozen placenta cubes for smoothies, as well as placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes! 

If you do not wish to consume your placenta, I also offer placenta honoring and burial rituals.

CHILDbirth education

As an experienced birth professional, I am thrilled to offer a private childbirth education course for prospective parents. If you're struggling to find the time to commit to multi-session childbirth education courses, you may find this 2-4 hour private course more appropriate.

Full Spectrum Care

If you are experiencing a loss of pregnancy (i.e. miscarriage, still-birth or abortion), many of the above services still apply. I provide full-spectrum care, meaning I accompany families on the journey of loss/termination with support & love, information, resources and
ceremonial facilitation, if desired.

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